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Guide for investors

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When Investing

There are well-developed investment areas in the West Pomeranian province – a dozen or so industrial parks, around 1,200 ha of land developed with utilities, incl. more than 800 ha with the status of special economic zone , 50,000 m2 of modern office space in Stettin and another few dozen or so thousand under construction. The province offers to investors a maximum level of public aid, local exemptions from real estate taxes for a period of up to seven years and access to EU funds on both central and regional levels.


Business environment


The region has at its disposal a well-developed system of business environment institutions, which improves its attractiveness. An important role is played by institutions which support entrepreneurship, promote pro-investment solutions or research commercialization. A steady position in the province has been gained by the chambers of commerce: Północna Izba Gospodarcza (Northern Chamber of Comemrce), Skandynawsko-Polska Izba Gospodarcza w Szczecinie (Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce in Stettin) or Koszalińska Izba Przemysłowo-Handlowa (Koeslin Chamber of Industry and Commerce ). Investors are assisted by business associations and centres (Zachodniopomorska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego – West Pomeranian Regional Development Agency, Stowarzyszenie Polskich Gmin Euroregionu „Pomerania” – ‘Pomerania’ Association of Rural Communities, Centrum Biznesu w Koszalinie – the Business Centre in Koeslin), business incubators (Akademicki Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości Uniwersytetu Szczecińskiego – Academic Business Incubator of the University of Stettin, business incubator at the Stettin Business Centre) and consulting centres, e.g. Polska Fundacja Przedsiębiorczości (Polish Entrepreneurs Foundation). In the West Pomeranian province there is also Regionalne Centrum Innowacji i Transferu Technologii w Szczecinie (Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer) Koszalińska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego (National Agency for Regional Development), Zachodniopomorskie Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii w Szczecinie (Western Pomerania Centre of Advanced Technologies in Stettin), Fundacja Centrum Innowacji i Przedsiębiorczości w Koszalinie (Foundation for Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Koeslin)


Big cities and strong counties


In the West Pomeranian province operate four special economic zones (SEZ): Pomorska, Słupska, Kostrzyńsko-Słubicka and Mielecka. According to the report entitled ‘Investment attractiveness of regions 2013”, compiled by the Centrum Analiz Regionalnych i Lokalnych (Centre for Regional and Local Amnalyses), until the end of the year 2012, the companies operating in those zones made investment outlays totaling 2.9 billion PLN, viz. 3% of all SEZ outlays in Poland. In the same time their companies provided 4,800 new jobs in the region, viz. 3% of new jobs available in the zones.

According to the report, the motors of the development of the West Pomeranian province are: Stettin ( Szczecin), Koeslin (Koszalin) and Swinemuende (Świnoujście), and the counties: kołobrzeski (Kolberg) policki, goleniowski, kamieński, drawski, szczecinecki, gryficki and koszaliński (Koeslin) as well as special economic zones established in that region. The province is predestined to establish interregional clusters, especially in such sectors, like manufacture of electric appliances, machines and devices, processing and preservation of fish, mollusks and crustaceans, production of other general use machines, hotels and similar accommodation facilities. There might be developed as well smart specializations.


Assistance to investors


In the province operate institutions supporting the investment activity, for example Centrum Obsługi Inwestorów i Eksporterów - COIE ( Investor and Exporter Service Centre), which provide foreign investors concerned with information of the regional business potential, inform them about legal and adminstrative regulations and investment incentives on the regional and national levels, promote investment offers of the West Pomeranian province, supply information on regional business entities in quest for investors.The COIE searches for potential subsuppliers for foreign investors, promotes contacts between businessmen and entities supporting the regional economic development, conducts follow-up activities (post-investment stage assistance) for foreign investors.

In the province operate loan and credit institutions which support business, e.g. Fundusz Wspierania Rozwoju Gospodarczego Miasta Szczecina Sp. z o.o., Szczeciński Fundusz Pożyczkowy Sp. z o.o., or Zachodniopomorski Regionalny Fundusz Poręczeń Kredytowych Sp. z o.o. Investors may apply for assistance to competent departments in the Marshal Office and Town Office, for example, in the case of real estate market investments or of government grants apportioned from the national investment support program and important for the Polish economy in the period 2011 -2020.


Industrial parks


(Belgard) Białogard Investment Park (Invest-Park). Situated nearby an airport and a sea port, directly connected to local, regional and national primary roads.The investment areas and industrial facilities offered are fully developed with utilities. Invest-Park completes a full range investment process within a 6-8 months’ time. If an investor should demand a shorter lead time, they can either buy or rent an industrial facility now under construction, of an area of 1,500 – 3,000 m2. The Invest Park was co-financed by the local government - that is why it is possible to offer new facilities at lower prices. The Białogard Investment Park Invest Park with the Technological Incubator in Bialogard (Belgard) have inaugurated a ‘Staff Bank’ which helps recruit middle and top level personnel , among others, managers, chief accountants, technologists, engineers, IT specialists etc for the newly established and expanding companies within the Koeslin area. Investors will have at their disposal the staff from the Biuro Obsługi Inwestora (Investor’s Service Bureau ) who cooperates with specialists in industrial constructions, business law and finance. The task of the bureau is to eliminate any barriers in the relations between an investor and the state administration. Bureau customers are companies from Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Great Britain.


Contact: Kołobrzeska 58, 78-200 Białogard, Polska

tel.: + 48 600 899 138

fax: + 48 94 312 44 49



Goleniów Industrial Park (GIP). The area of the Park is fully developed with utilities. The network of its internal roads, complying with the requirements for heavy duty transport, is under continue extension. So far, there have been almost 50 companies located within the GIP, and more than half of them deals with the manufacture. Others are on various stages of construction. The companies operating in the GIP deals with food production and processing , leather tanning, confecting and processing of decorative stones, production of carpet yarn, wall papers, hygienic articles, production of semitrailers and trailers, yacht hulls, IT hardware assembly and wind power plant blades. GIP is situated in immediate vicinity of motorway no. 3 and at the railway line Stettin –Swinemuende (it is possible to arrange a side track). The distance from the airport is 3 miles, from Stettin 21 miles, Swunemunde - around 40 miles and from Berlin – 135 miles. In the Park operates a Special Economic Zone, a subzone of the Special Kuestrin – Slubice Economic Zone. The GIP’s area is 70 ha.



Urząd Gminy i Miasta w Goleniowie

Plac Lotników 1

72-100 Goleniów

Tel. 0048 91 4698 200 lub 222

fax 0048 91 4698298



Regional Park in Gryfino (Greifenhagen). The Greifenhagen (Gyfino) County lies in the western part of the West Pomeranian province, in the Stettin agglomeration. The county and its immediate vicinity are crossed by important transport corridors (roads, railway lines and waterways). The county is situated nearby the intersection of two important waterway courses, viz. E30 on the Oder River – the Oder Waterway and E70 on the Havel –Oder canal, and further on, the Warthe, Notec and the Bromberg Canal. The first of them, running in the north-south direction, constitutes a connection between Upper Silesia and the sea ports of Poland, Germany, Russia and Scandinavia within the Baltic Sea basin. The second one – running in the east-west direction connects the navigation routes in the Vistula valley with the water courses in Germany and West Europe. Preliminarily, the Park has decided about the location of industrial facilities in three groups diversified by technologies and utilities. The first group includes six facilities which consume more water, electricity and /or gas. e.g. food processing. The second group includes ten facilities which consume less water, electricity and /or gas, incl. high tech ones. Eventually, group three includes four logistic and warehousing centers.



Gryfino, ul. 1 Maja 16, 74-100 Gryfino

tel.: +48 91 416 20 11

fax +48 91 416 27 02



Karlino (Koerlin). This county is located in the north-eastern part of West Pomeranian province, at the intersection of trunk road no. 6 Stettin – Danzig (Szczecin –Gdansk) and regional road no. 163 Kolberg –Posen (Kołobrzeg –Poznan) .The distance from the Baltic Sea (Kolberg port) is 15 miles. Businessmen can expect real state tax reliefs under the de minimis aid for a period not exceeding 7 years.The Koeslin county offers areas for industrial or tourism investments - from approx. 2,500 m2 to 180 ha. For those areas valid are their respective zoning ordinances.In Koerlin operate parallelly two Special Economic Zones (SEZ): Kostrzyńsko-Słubicka (Koestrin – Slubice) and Słupska (Stolp), which allows offering to potential investors large areas with the SEZ status.An entrepreneur keeping their business within the SEZ can be awarded income tax reliefs equal either to up to 60% of the value invested or to two-year labor costs. Such a relief is applicable for small companies; instead, in the case of medium-sized companies, the relief is 50%, and 40% for a large company. The minimum threshold required for the eligibility for obtaining a license to operate within a SEZ is an investment worth at least 100,000 EUR.



Urząd Miejski w Karlinie

Plac Jana Pawła II 6

78-230 Karlino

tel. +48 94 311 72 73

fax. +48 94 311 74 10



‘Koszalin Subzone of the Słupska (Stolp) Sepcial Economic Zone. This subzone is situated in the western part of Koeslin, and exactly in its industrial zone, in the so-called ‘Strefa Zorganizowanej Działalności Inwestycyjnej” -Organized Investment Activity Zone),2,5 miles from the city centre. The zones lies nearby the international route E-28 Berlin- Koenigsberg and trunk road no 11 Koeslin (Koszalin) – Posen (Poznan) leading towards Southern Poland. The zone area is 64 ha. Destination: sites – manufacturing facilities, warehouses and depots. The site is not built over. Available sites have areas from 2000 m2, and more. Within the zone valid is complete exemption from real estate tax in compliance with the de minimis rule, as well as from income tax – up to 55 % of investment or employment expenditure sustained



Koszalin, Rynek Staromiejski 6-7

tel.: +48 94 34 88 793

fax: +48 94 34 88 792


Łobez (Lobez). The zone lies within the Lobez city, at the regional road (Lobez) Łobez – Drawsko Pomorskie (Dramburg). It was established in the year 2011. The zone is covered by a valid local development plan, and situated outside the Natura 2000 area.The local authorities commissioned a civil engineering design for a water supply system, sewage system, storm water drainage, road surface hardening and street illumination. Under way are geotechnical surveys aimed at determining geological strata, soil profile layers and ground water tables as required for designing and then for making a built structure. Local authorities have taken over from the Polish Railways [PKP] an area adjacent to the side track at the Berlin –Danzig line, provided with a loading bay, which for prospective investors means a better opportunity of being supplied with raw materials and dispatching goods on trains. It will be possible to convey long parts, like wind turbine blades and other large-sized construction parts. Distances: 45 miles from Kolberg (Kołobrzeg), 50 miles from Stettin (Szczecin), 55 miles from Kołbaskow and 36 miles from the Goleniow airport.



Urząd Miejski W Łobzie

73-150 Łobez

ul. Niepodległości 13

tel.(091) 397-40-01 do 02

fax.(091) 397-43-73




Nowogard. A city located at the (Szczecin-Gdańsk) Stettin –Danzig route (trunk road no 6), in the immediate vicinity of border crossings , Goleniow airport (13 miles away ) and the Swunemunde ferry harbor (45 miles away). A well-developed municipal infrastructure and considerable resources of electricity, home gas sources and water for consumption, industry and agriculture. No ecological hazards, which might result, e.g. from the operation of the municipal sewage treatment plant and/or a landfill. The offer of investment areas is accompanied by reliefs for investors, e.g. a real estate tax relief for investors creating new jobs (1-5 years).


Urząd Miejski w Nowogardzie,

Plac Wolności 1

72-200 Nowogard

tel.: 91 39 26 200, 91 39 26 201

fax: 91 39 26 20



Stargard Industrial Park (SIP). It covers an area of about 150 ha, is situated in the north-western part of the town, and has been arranged in view of SME.Within the SIP there are about 70 companies and an office building with another 55 companies seated therein.Investors represent a great deal of branches of production and services, e.g. logistics, steel constructions, manufacture of paraffin products, and heating parts, automotive accessories and components and issues for automatic control in the 3rd edition of all-Poland contest of the Polska Agencja Informacji i Inwestycji Zagranicznych (Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investment), the SIP was awarded the title ‘Grunt na medal w województwie zachodniopomorskim (‘First class Area in the West Pomeranian Province’) for the 6 ha investment area situated at ul. Przemysłowa. The offer from the SIP includes well-communicated, undeveloped investment areas divided into sites. An asset of the SIP is a direct connection with trunk road no 10 due to a newly arranged ‘15th meridian’ traffic circle which leads to the Industrial park premises, whereas the town centre is passed by. Stargard is a railway junction of five railway lines, the most important of them being the connections with Stettin, Posen and Danzig.



Biurowiec ZNTK

ul Pierwszej Brygady 35,

73-110 Stargard Szczeciński,

tel. +48 0-91 834 90 88

fax. +48 0-91 834 90 98



Industrial Park of Modern Technologies in Stargard Szczeciński. The park is situated on the former airport of Soviet troops at Kluczewo by Stargard Szczeciński. Its total area is about 850 ha; nowadays, there are almost 250 ha left for first stage investments. Due to the cooperation with the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone (Pomorska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna Sp. z o.o.), in the year 2006, the SEZ status covered a 100 ha area on which an investment project was completed by Bridgestone, a Japanese company. In the year 2009, Cargotec, a Finish company, started construction works on a plant located on an approx. 41 ha site; the SEZ (Special Economic Zone) area increased by another 20 ha. The zone was extended again in the year 2011. Nowadays, investors can be offered three sites having the SEZ status, of a total area being about 34,2 ha.



Biuro Funduszy Europejskich I Rozwoju Gospodarczego

tel/fax: +48 91 578 31 68


Tychowo (Gross Tychow) Investment Zone. A town situated approx. 14 miles from Białogard, 20 miles from Koeslin and 16 miles from Połczyn Zdroj and Bobolice, at the intersection of regional roads no 167 and 169. The project aimed at establishing the Tychowo (Gross Tychow) Investment Zone with the Subzone ‘Tychowo’ SSSE was realized with financial co-participation of the UE, from the European Fund of Regional Development.



Urząd Miejski w Tychowie,

ul. Bobolicka 17, 78-220 Tychowo

tel/fax: +48 943115110, 943115130



Special economic zones


Kostrzyńsko-Słubicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A. (Kuestrin – Slubice Special Economic Zone) is situated in the West Pomerania Province and includes: Białogard, Dębno, Goleniów, Greifenhagen (Gryfice), Kamień Pomorski, Koerlin (Karlino), Lobez (Łobez), Nowogard, Pełczyce and Stettin (Szczecin). One of the largest SEZs in Poland. It operates in the following provinces: West Pomerania, Greater Poland and Lebus ( Lubuskie).

An entrepreneur wishing to start their business in the (Kuestrin – Slubice Special Economic Zone) is entitled to make use of special aid, viz. exemption from CIT for two reasons: investment outlays sustained and expenditure related to creating new jobs.

The prerequisite for investing in the zone are the business permit from K-S SSE S.A. and investment outlays of at least 100,000 EUR.A small enterprise starting its activity in the zone may be granted a CIT exemption equal either to 70% of investment outlays or 70% of two year labor costs. A medium-sized company will be granted a CIT exemption equal either to 60 % of investment outlays or 60% of two year labor costs, and eventually, a large company - a CIT exemption equal either to 50% of investment outlays or 50% of two year labor costs



Kostrzyńsko-Słubicka Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna S.A.

ul. Orła Białego 22,

66-470 Kostrzyn nad Odrą,

tel. +48 95 721 98 00, fax +48 95 752 41 67,



Pomorska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna Sp. z o. o. (Pomeranian Sepcial Economic Zone) In the West Pomeranian province, this zone covers Stargard Szczeciński. Apart from West Pomerania, this SEZ operates in the following provinces: Cuyavia-Pomerania and Greater Poland. The zone is managed by the SEZ Pomorska SSE Sp. z o.o. seated in Zoppot ( Sopot).

The entrepreneurs who keep their business within the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone are entitled to income tax reliefs for investment expenditure or the job level in line with the permit obtained. The permissible aid is determined as a product of the maximum aid intensity and of the greater of the following: investment/project expenditure or two-year labor costs of the newly employed.


The public aid rate for the West Pomeranian Province is 35%, for small and medium-sized companies, respectively 55% and 45%. The minimum investment outlay is 100,000 EUR and on condition the business activity shall have been kept at least for a five years time and 3 years for MSP. An entrepreneur’s own contribution in the outlay related to a new project/investment should be not less than 25%. Regional aids received from more than one sources, either home or foreign, shall be summed.



Pomorska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna sp. z o.o.

ul. Władysława IV nr 9

81-703 Sopot

tel.: 58 555 97 00

fax: 58 555 97 11



(Stolp) Słupska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna. [(Stolp) Słupsk Special Economic Zone -SSEZ] .In the West Pomeranian province, this zone covers: Polanów, Kalisz Pomorski, Karlinko, Koeslin (Koszalin), Laski Koszalińskie, Neustettin (Szczecinek,) Gross Tychow (Tychowo), Wałcz. The zone also operates in the Pomeranian province and is managed by the company Pomorska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A., seated in Stolp ( Słupsk).

The permit is the prerequisite for keeping business activity in the SSEZ with entitlement to tax reliefs and other preferences. The application procedure is performed through negotiations or tendering. Such a permit is conditioned with sustaining investment expenditure at least of 100,000 EUR, one’s contribution equal at least to 25% of total investment costs, keeping the investment for a period not shorter than 5 years (large-sized companies) of the project commissioning (3 years – in the aces of SME entities), job level guarantee - at least 5 years – in the case of large-sized companies and 3 years in the case of SME. Public aid is available through income tax exemption for the realization of a new investment or creating new jobs in the zone. For the years 2014 -2020, the maximum public aid rate in the provinces of Pomerania and West Pomerania in which the Stolp (Slupsk) SEZ operates amounts to 35% of eligible costs – for a large-sized company, 45% for a medium-sized an 45% for a small company.



Pomorska Agencja Rozwoju Regionalnego S.A.

76-200 Słupsk, ul. Obrońców Wybrzeża 2

Sekretariat Zarządu:

tel. (+48) 59 841 28 92

fax (+48) 59 841 32 61




Special Economic Zone Euro-Park Mielec. In the West Pomeranian province, this zone covers Stettin ( Szczecin). The zone consists of 25 subzones, located mainly in south-eastern Poland , preferably in the Subcarpathian (podkarpackie) Province. Its subzones are also located in the following provinces: Lublin, Silesia (śląskie) and Lesser Poland (malopolskie). The zone is managed by Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A., Oddział w Mielcu.

In Stettin (Szczecini), the zone covers three places, viz. Trzebusz, Dunikowo and (street) ul. Lubczyńska-Kniewska. In each place there are fully developed, very convenient investment sites . In order to obtain a permit for keeping business activity in the SEZ Euro-Park Mielec, the project/investment must comply with the new project/investment definition, must be created new jobs, and the minimum eligible costs intended (investment outlay) are at least 100,000 EUR. Such a project must comply with the local development plan or with the zoning ordinance; before obtaining a permit , no investor may start their project. A tax exemption may refer to the land acquisition or the right to land perpetual usufruct, purchase of fixed assets or their production on one’s own account, extension or modernization of existing fixed assets, purchase of intangible assets. The exemption period shall have lasted by the year 2026. The relief value depends on the company size, and ranges from 35% to 55% of eligible cots.




Agencja Rozwoju Przemysłu S.A.

Oddział w Mielcu (Branch in Mielec)

Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna EURO-PARK MIELEC

ul. Partyzantów 25, 39-300 Mielec

tel.: (+48 17) 788 72 36

faks: (+48 17) 788 77 69



Urząd Miasta Szczecin

Wydział Obsługi Inwestorów i Biznesu

Plac Armii Krajowej 1

70-456 Szczecin

tel. +4891 42 45 819

fax +4891 42 45 820





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